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Password Reset

About Your CSU Account

Your CSU account allows you to access:
  • Your Coppin email
  • Computers on campus
  • EagleLINKS
  • Your Personal folder or "H: drive"

Password Reset Instructions

Students, faculty and staff may change their passwords on and off campus at https://eaglepass.coppin.edu.


New security measures have been implemented to give your CSU Eagle account greater protection. Currently, in the password reset kiosk (website), upon entering your valid user-id, you will be presented with a screen that will present 3 questions and expects your response. At the bottom of this screen, you will also see the following message...

Incomplete Security Profile -- You have to add 2 questions of your choice.

..and you must create “your own (personal)” two security questions and responses in the following screen. Since, you are the creator of the questions and responses, this set up provides an additional level of security and will ensure that you are the only one who has access to your account. After you set up your two questions and responses, the next time you use the password reset website to change your password, one of your “personal” questions will be randomly selected for you to answer.

Dos/Don’ts when Creating Your (Personal) Security Questions and Answers
  • Remember that the verification process is case sensitive, meaning that you need to remember whether you created your response in upper, lower or mixed case. Eg: If one of your question was “Color of my car?” and the response you set up was either “Red” or “RED” or “red”, then you need to enter it exactly the same in future
  • Prepare to create two questions and responses, and DO NOT share the responses with anyone
  • Make sure your answers are something you can easily remember
  • There is no minimum length for your answers, but you should choose an answer that is difficult to guess.
Enter your answers carefully as you will need to supply exactly the same answer the next time you are prompted with one of your security questions.


When prompted for your date of birth, the birth year should be 4 digits including the century.

Please enter your birth date in " mm/dd/yyyy " format. Please include the forward slash ("/") when entering your birth date.

For example: Birth date of January 3, 1982 should be entered as: 01/03/1982

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